Patrick McCaw shares hilarious Warriors hazing story from rookie season

McCaw shares hilarious Warriors hazing story from rookie season originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Patrick McCaw’s pair of championship rings with the Warriors didn’t come without a full plate of rookie duties.

McCaw, who played two seasons alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and company in the Bay Area, recently reflected on his time with the Warriors and told his favorite light-hearted hazing tale.

“It was on a road trip, I believe,” McCaw recalled to Mikey Domagala of Inside Buzz. “We had a stop in New Orleans and Draymond asked me to get him some beignets.

“I had forgotten the spot; I was already out with some friends and family already. So, I kinda ignored it like I was going to do it when I had the time, but I didn’t respond at all. Knowing me, I just slipped up and forgot and never did it.

“So I’m in my room, chilling, full Warriors jumpsuit on, about to play a game. All I hear is my hotel room unlock and it’s Draymond, Andre [Iguodala], JaVale [McGee] and James McAdoo. They got like four big buckets of water and say, ‘Move your controller, move your phone, move anything you don’t want to get wet.’ Before I knew it, they had dumped all four buckets of water on the bed.

“I was fully clothed, like I was soaked. They didn’t have extra blankets. I was pissed; they took all my games and stuff, controller. I never forgot to do something I was supposed to after that again.”

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McCaw went on to say in the interview that he learned plenty from the Warriors’ championship core of Curry, Thompson, Green and Iguodala. But perhaps the biggest lesson he learned was to never forget the beignets.

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