Number of drone attacks on Russian infrastructure may increase

Kyrylo Budanov, Head of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, has surmised that drone attacks on Russian infrastructure may increase.

Source: Budanov in an interview with CNN

Deetails: Budanov said Ukraine is maintaining its positions in the air above the front line.

As Russia continues to learn from its combat experience, there is a trend toward even greater use of UAVs on and above the battlefields in Ukraine.

Quote: “It is precisely in unmanned systems that we are more or less equal.”

Details: Budanov suggested that drone attacks on Russian infrastructure may increase.

He did not confirm or deny Ukraine’s involvement in drone attacks in Russia, saying that such operations are “quite possible”.

Quote: “Hypothetically, there is a plan according to which all this happens.

And I believe that this plan includes all the major critical infrastructure facilities and military infrastructure facilities of the Russian Federation.”

Details: Budanov said the Russian civilian population can finally “see the real picture [of war]”.

Quote: “They see burning oil depots, destroyed buildings in factories and plants, and so on. This is all beneficial.”

Background: Earlier, Budanov predicted that the Russian offensive, which began in November 2023, would soon run out of steam, allowing a new Ukrainian counteroffensive to begin.

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