New Rick and Michonne Walking Dead Show Title and Teaser Explained

The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne’s show will indeed not be called The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne. Nor will it be titled The Walking Dead: Summit (his temporary production nickname). The actual title of the upcoming spinoff series starring Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira was revealed on Friday during the Walking Dead Universe Fan Watch Party in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, featuring the first official teaser for the show.

“I’ve been there a long time,” Michonne de Gurira says in the teaser as she strides forward with her katana raised in a sea of ​​red. “I lost someone years ago. And then things changed. And I found out they were alive.” Then we see flashes of that lost love, Rick Grimes, doing some very violent things.

The title of the series is then revealed — The Walking Dead: Those Who Live – with the words “Coming 2024”. (Watch the teaser below.)

The phrase “those who live” played a huge role in the final moments of The Walking Dead The series finale. After Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon literally left into the sunset, a final coda sequence took place that showed both Rick and Michonne in separate locations writing in the same journal. Michonne’s last line to Judith – “It’s us who live” – ​​was then repeated by 25 TWD characters from throughout the series.

But the history of the line goes back much further. “We are the ones who live” was first uttered by Rick in Season 5 TWD episode “Try” after battling the super-disappointing Pete Anderson (Corey Brill) on the streets and challenging Alexandria’s most passive residents. “We know what needs to be done and we’re doing it,” he told Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) and the band. “It is we who live.”

Andrew Lincoln on "The Walking Dead: Those Who Live"

Andrew Lincoln on “The Walking Dead: Those Who Live”

The Walking Dead/Youtube Andrew Lincoln on “The Walking Dead: Those Who Live”

The phrase was later repeated to Rick by Michonne in the makeshift prison of Alexandria during the Season 7 mid-season finale, “Hearts Still Beating”. “We’re still alive, Rick,” Michonne said. “So much happened. So much that we shouldn’t have gone through. Despite it, or maybe because of it, we did it. We’re still here. Both of us. We’re still standing and we’re going to keep standing.

Michonne then repeated the words to Rick an episode later, in “Rock in the Road”, after surviving a close call with a herd. ” We are here ! You can smile. We made it…we can do it. It is we who live.

Danai Gurira from "The Walking Dead: Those Who Live"

Danai Gurira from “The Walking Dead: Those Who Live”

The Walking Dead Danai Gurira from “The Walking Dead: Those Who Live”

The Walking DeadScott M. Gimple, Chief Content Officer, explained the importance of the line to EW around The Walking Dead series finale: “It was always that line that was pretty wild. Especially since there were so many people who were dying and could say, ‘We’re the ones living.’ But I never thought of that as applying only to living people, because it seemed a bit too much like, “Hey, we’re the ones living, too bad for all those people we love. No, to me, it felt like there was a continuum of relationship and love that can’t be extinguished. And that’s what’s forged in this hell that we’ve been through together. And the triumphant thing is that we’ve always lived one through the other and beyond.

This explains why it is the title of the most anticipated show Walking Dead spin-off entry yet. And now we have to wait.

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