Navalny says he hates those who put Putin in power, but not the dictator himself

Politician Alexei Navalny who has been convicted by Putin’s regime wrote an article in which he declared that he hated those “who sold, drank away, squandered Russia’s historic chance” in the 90s.

Source: Navalny’s official website

Details: Navalny, who was recently sentenced to another prison term by a court in Russia, wrote a long text in which he shared his impressions of Natan Sharansky’s book Fear no evil [Sharansky served nine years in the USSR  – ed.], and talked about the “fate of Russia”. In particular, about the era of the 90s, which, according to Navalny, gave rise to the “bad Putin”.

The leitmotif of this confession, as Navalny himself called it, is the word “hatred”.

At the same time, the politician believes that “Russia will have another chance”.

Quote: “But although I sometimes, unable to stand it, shout at some ‘judge’ Samoilov, it is not him that I hate with my enormous hatred. And not the cops-thieves from the colony. And not the FSB officers who command them. And, you will be surprised, not even Putin. At such moments, I hate those whom I loved. Whom I defended, for whom I argued hoarse. And I hate myself for having once loved them.

Therefore, there’s nothing I can do about this, and I fiercely, madly hate those who sold, drank away, squandered the historical chance that our country had in the early nineties.

I hate Yeltsin and ‘Tania and Valia’ [Tatyana Dyachenko, daughter of the first President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin, who served as his adviser, and her husband, Valentin Yumashev, former head of the administration of Yeltsin – ed.], Chubais [Russian politician, an influential member of Yeltsin’s administration in the early 1990s – ed.] and the rest of the corrupt family who put Putin in power. I hate scammers we called reformers for some reason. Now it is clear as day that they were not engaged in anything except intrigues and their own well-being. In what other country have so many ministers of the ‘reform government’ become millionaires and billionaires? I hate the authors of the most stupid authoritarian constitution, which was passed off to us, idiots, as a democratic one, having given the president the powers of a full-fledged monarch…

It was not with Putin in 2011 that we went not with Europe, but Central Asia, but in 1994 with Yeltsin, Chubais, the oligarchs and the entire Komsomol-party gang that called themselves ‘democrats’. We exchanged our European future for the villas for ‘Tania and Valia’ on Saint Barth, the ‘island of millionaires’.

And when Putin’s notorious KGB/FSB officers got free access to political posts, they didn’t have to do anything. Just look around and exclaim in amazement: We can get away with that? And if the rules of the game are such that you can steal, lie, falsify, censor, and all the courts are under our control, then we think we will do well here.

We let the goat into the cabbage warehouse, and then act surprised it ate all the cabbage. It is a goat, its mission and goal is to eat cabbage, nothing else comes to its mind by nature. It is useless to ask anything else of it. By nature, a Putin’s FSB official does not and cannot think of anything except to build a huge house and imprison those he does not like. Although I can’t stand the goat, I fiercely and madly hate those who let it into the cabbage warehouse.”

For more details, see the video.

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