Montana has honest response to Garoppolo’s 49ers QB remarks

Montana has honest response to Garoppolo’s 49ers QB remarks originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Joe Montana knows a thing or two about quarterback controversy.

The Hall of Famer recently weighed in on the 49ers’ Trey Lance trade and gave his two cents on how the organization has handled its quarterbacks over the last couple of years after former 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo called the situation “weird.”

“Well, I think injuries happen in this game, and you have to be ready to play,” Montana said Thursday on 95.7 The Game. “I thought for the longest time that they were going to find a way to keep Jimmy here because the one thing that he could do for them was win games. And come off the bench if he had to. I think the salary cap issues were a big problem and from my understanding, I don’t spend a lot of time down there, but I’m sure there were some other things going on internally that happened that kind of soured the Niners to Jimmy.

“But hey, they’re all weird. You can go back to when I was playing, it was a strange situation there for a while too. Back and forth with Steve [Young] and I. So it happens in every organization and every era. It is what it is and you just move on and make the best of where you are. I’m sure Jimmy will win some games for them down there in Vegas so I wish him the best.”

Garoppolo didn’t have to say much to make his stance clear on how he believes the 49ers have handled their quarterback situations over the last couple of years, solely agreeing that it’s been “messy.”

But 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t care to read too deep into his former quarterback’s remarks.

“You know, Jimmy, the comments are the comments, I’m really not concerned about his comments,” Shanahan told reporters earlier this week in Santa Clara.

Whatever word you choose to describe the situation, perhaps the word “over” sums it up best.

And with Garoppolo in Vegas and Lance in Dallas, the 49ers can focus on the quarterbacks on their roster as they prepare for the 2023 season.

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