Maury Povich Announces Home DNA Tests Called ‘Results Are In’

Maury Povich last week announced a new business venture that will help more people find out if they are (or aren’t) the father – the TV host is now selling home DNA test kits.

The TV host, known for his signature “you’re not the dad,” broke the news on TMZ Live and said the tests were called “The Results Are In.”

According to the company’s website, the tests include a possible father, child and, if customers choose, the biological mother as well.

Kits start at $199.00 and can be purchased at

The kits include materials for collecting DNA samples, instructions, and materials for returning samples to the lab. The manufacturer says results are available in as little as 1-2 business days and the tests are over 99.99% accurate.

Povich hosted his own show performing DNA tests for 31 years. The show ran from 1991 to 2022, according to IMDb, during which he rose to prominence for phrases such as “you’re NOT the father” and “the results are in.”

Guests who attended the show often added to the show’s drama with their reactions, running around the back of the studio as the cameras chased them or sometimes dancing in celebration.

Maury Povich, a longtime TV show host, announced in June 2023 that he had partnered with the DNA Diagnostics Center to launch an at-home DNA testing kit called

Longtime TV show host Maury Povich announced in June 2023 that he had partnered with the DNA Diagnostics Center to launch an at-home DNA testing kit called “The Results Are In.”

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A business idea that Maury knew he wanted

The home testing kits came about once his business manager approached him with the idea. Povich worked with the company making the test kits, DNA Diagnostics Center, for more than 20 years on his show.

“We can do a paternity test at home…send those tests to DNA Diagnostics Center, the same company, and within two or three days they can have a result, send it back, and it’s all done from your home,” said he declared.

Home testing can help many families, he says

Povich was excited about the opportunity because, in his experience, DNA testing plagues many families, especially fathers who want to be involved.

Often children end up with the wrong biological fathers and Povich sees this as an opportunity to help fix that, he told TMZ.

“A lot of dads want to be the dad,” he told TMZ. “We’ve had a lot of people on the show over the years where the wife didn’t want this guy as the biological father but he wanted to be the biological father,” he said.

Home testing will also help resolve child support situations and determine if people should pay because of paternity.

“A lot of fathers say, ‘I’m not the father of this child. I’m not going to pay any child support,'” he said. “Now we have a test that brings the truth home.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Maury Povich’s DNA test kits: TV host posts ‘Results are in’

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