Man with garden shears bursts into yard, then owner shoots, Texas cops say

A man accused of breaking into a home while armed with garden shears has been shot and killed by the homeowner, Texas police say.

The man who shot lives across the street but told San Antonio police he also owned the home where the Thursday, July 13 shooting took place.

He saw a bicycle leading to the backyard, so he brought a gun as he went to investigate, police said. He told police he saw a man in the backyard trying to break into the house.

The accused burglar was armed with garden shears and approached the owner after falsely telling him he lived there, the owner told police.

Police say the 45-year-old homeowner then shot the man and asked his neighbor to call 911. When rescuers arrived they discovered the accused burglar was dead, according to a police report .

No charges have been filed. Police have not released the identity of the owner or the man who was killed.

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