Man hospitalized after shooting in Dayton overnight

A man was shot and hospitalized in Dayton Sunday overnight.

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One of the first calls that the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch received reported “10 gunshots” seen hitting a vehicle near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and Catalpa Drive.

Following the shooting, an undisclosed number of people got out of the vehicle and ran down Lexington Avenue. The vehicle was classified as unoccupied when Dayton Police arrived on scene. At the time, no injuries were reported.

Further calls requested aid at the 600 block of Lexington Avenue at 2:28 a.m., dispatchers confirmed.

Responding officers reported, over emergency scanners, “several patients” inside a vehicle in the area with “blood inside.” When News Center 7 questioned dispatchers about this traffic, they were unable to confirm that there were multiple shooting victims.

Final calls were made stating that the shooting incident continued to the 1200 block of Superior Street.

Dispatchers were unable to provide a narrative describing how the events at the three locations were chronologically linked together.

But, they confirmed that one man was shot and injured following the series of events. Medics transported the person to Miami Valley Hospital for further treatment. Their condition is unknown at this time.

Dayton Police led the investigation into the shooting. News Center 7 reached out for more information.

We will update this story as it develops and more information is released.

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