LIV Golf staged a flash mob, for some reason, to kick off the London tournament

Flash mobs aren’t back… are they?

On Friday morning, LIV Golf stepped back more than a decade in pop culture history to kick off its tournament in London, and that couldn’t have left the Centurion Club greenskeepers very happy.

For some reason, LIV Golf staged a flash mob on the first tee of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” – which coincidentally also peaked in the early 2010s.

So that’s what the slogan “Golf, but stronger” means.

A flash mob on the first tee in the first round of LIV Golf London

LIV Golf tries to bring back the flash mob. (Montana Pritchard/LIV Golf via AP)

LIV Golf still has five events on its schedule this season after London, starting with a tournament at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. The season will conclude in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in November.

It’s unclear what will happen with LIV Golf next season. The league announced a surprise partnership with the PGA Tour and DP World Tour last month, although there are many details and investigations to finalize before this becomes a reality. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund will also finance the new venture, although the PGA Tour retains control of the sport and determines the future of LIV Golf.

For now, LIV Golf is making the most of its guaranteed lifespan. At least that’s what it looks like he was trying to do on Hertfordshire’s first tee on Friday.

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