Kimora Lee and her family say Mogul ‘taunts and bullies us every day’

Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day was not a joyful affair. After sharing what appeared to be a pointed image calling his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons to his Instagram on Sunday, she and their children Ming and Aoki took to social media to spread sordid details about their estrangement from the Def Jam co-founder. Records. .

“We tried to keep it private. He literally taunts and bullies us everyday,” Aoki wrote via Instagram Live.

According to TMZ, Simmons’ eldest daughter, Ming Lee, wished her mother Kimora a Happy Father’s Day, a potential affront to the music mogul. Simmons responded by posting a pointed message suggesting his ex-wife was preventing him from being there for his daughters.

“Stop telling dads they should have fought harder to see their kids and start asking moms why he had to fight,” read the sign Simmons posted on his Instagram story.

Responding to the post via Instagram Live on Monday, Kimora tearfully said that “we were fine until the last few years. “I’m just asking you to leave us alone. I tried to go to lawyers and get for help. Tried to show all the crazy texts.

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Kimora also explained that she had blocked Simmons for many years, and she acknowledged that he always posted as if they were friendly. One instance involved Simmons sending flowers to herself and making it look like they were from Kimora.

“I met this person when I was in high school in St. Louis, Missouri,” Kimora said. “I was modeling. I was 16 years old. I’ve known you for a long time and seen a lot of things and just chose not to go. I’m usually the one he and the others would call to get their back.

Their daughter Aoki then went live on Instagram herself to defend her mother.

“He called us terrible things,” she said. “All because I wouldn’t take his side in a lawsuit. My mother did not ask me to take her side.

She added: “It’s abusive at this point, and I really feel like my career is over. You can’t just abuse your kids behind closed doors and not take responsibility.

Watch the full video of Aoki’s social media post below:

Reps for Simmons and Lee did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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