Kevin Spacey Says Directors ‘Are Ready To Hire Me’ If He’s Found Not Guilty In UK Sexual Assault Trial

Kevin Spacey hopes to resume his acting career soon after his sexual assault trial ends in the UK.

The 63-year-old actor, whose trial is due to begin this month, said ZEIT magazine that there are directors and producers who have expressed an interest in working with him, but are waiting for him to be found not guilty to bring him on board.

“It’s a time when a lot of people are very scared that if they support me they’ll be cancelled,” he said. “But I know there are people right now who are ready to hire me as soon as I’m cleared of these charges in London. As soon as that happens they’ll be ready to move on.”

In January, Spacey pleaded not guilty to seven sexual assault charges that have all been announced in the past year, including allegations that he sexually assaulted three men while serving as artistic director of the Old Theater. Vic of London between 2004 and 2015. He faces 12 charges. altogether, as additional sexual abuse charges, which he denied, were also brought against him last year.

Kevin Spacey has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges in the UK

Kevin Spacey has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges in the UK

Carl Court/Getty Images Kevin Spacey has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges in the UK

As part of the terms of the interview, Spacey did not explicitly discuss the charges he faces. However, Spacey said he was not interested in “trying to even the score” and did not foresee him writing his story in feature films any time soon, adding: “I have no interest in fight something that isn’t worth fighting.”

In the end, the actor thinks he will be exonerated. “The moment there is scrutiny, these things fall apart,” he explained. “That’s what happened in [Anthony] Rapp trial, and that’s what will happen in this case.” (Spacey was found not liable for the assault and battery against Rapp during a three-week sexual abuse trial last October.)

These days, Spacey said he felt like he was “back at the beginning of my career, when nobody wanted me.” This does not mean that his career has completely stopped: Spacey has roles in the Italian film The man who drew Godthe documentary Once upon a time in Croatia and a voice role in the upcoming independent film Control.

“Just because I’ve been benched for a while doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop working,” Spacey said. “I don’t want to rust. I’m ready.”

The article also briefly touched on his “Let Me Be Frank” YouTube video from 2018, which saw Spacey channel his Card castle character Frank Underwood standing in front of a sink. “Nobody was hiring him and he was full of action,” said his best friend and manager Evan Lowenstein. “It was an opportunity for him to communicate in a way that couldn’t be used against him in court because he was acting.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Spacey said his fame influenced how he came to see everyone around him. He told the outlet that he doesn’t see people for who they are, but rather for what they want from him, whether it’s a signature or a selfie. “There’s no school you can go to to learn how to deal with fame,” he said. “I think I really tried not to be an asshole. But I think to some extent I was an asshole.”

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