Kesha says Jerry Seinfeld refusing to hug her was ‘the saddest moment of my life’

Kesha called her infamous Jerry Seinfeld “the saddest moment of my life” in a new interview.

In conversation with Tom Scharpling on his The best show podcast, Kesha revisited the viral snub from 2017, in which Seinfeld refused a hug from the pop star not once but twice during an event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. “Do you want to know the whole story? It’s really sad,” Kesha said. “You’re going to get a lot of clicks after that because I don’t think I’ve told the whole story yet.”

“So I learned TM from David Lynch, from the David Lynch Foundation,” she said, referring to transcendental meditation. “I love to meditate, so he said to me, ‘Could you organize a charity event?’ I was in the middle of a tour. I was exhausted, but I really like David Lynch and I heard Jerry Seinfeld was going to be there.”

Seinfeld’s eponymous sitcom helped her navigate some tough robberies, she said. “I used to take my computer, when there was the CD, and I carried it around the world, the little DVDs. When it got bad on planes, I passed Seinfeld and I would say, “All is well in the world.”

At the charity event, “I was really excited because he brings me peace and love and all the good things in the universe,” Kesha said. “And then he didn’t hug me in front of the cameras. And that was the most depressing and hilarious moment, but also so sad, it was like the saddest moment of my life.”

In the viral clip captured by 94.7 Fresh FM radio host Tommy McFly, Kesha enthusiastically declared herself a fan and asked Seinfeld if she could give her a hug, to which Seinfeld replied, “No thanks. “

“I don’t know who it was,” Seinfeld told McFly, who informed the comedian of Kesha’s identity. “Okay, well, I wish her the best,” he replied.

In conversation with Additional days after the snub, Seinfeld said the ordeal was nothing personal, explaining that he preferred not to kiss strangers. “I’m 63. I don’t know every pop star, I don’t know everyone,” he said. “When you get to my age and you’ve done a few things, you have your own reality. In my reality, I don’t kiss a complete stranger. I have to meet someone, say hello. I have to start somewhere. “

Kecha;  jerry seinfeld

Kecha; jerry seinfeld

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Kecha; jerry seinfeld

The following month, Kesha revealed she almost gave up cuddling for good after the incident, but remembered how “magical” it was. “I had a moment where I was like, ‘Maybe I should stop trying to hug everyone and attack them.’ And then I was like, n—that, no,” Kesha said. “I love hugs. Hugs are magical, hugs are beautiful. It’s a beautiful exchange of wonderful soul energy. ‘I accept you.’ It’s that beautiful connection.”

Watch Kesha tell HugGate above.

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