Joel McHale Confirms Community Film Delay, Says ‘We Were Very Close’ to Filming Start

The expectation of community the movie will be even longer.

The follow-up film, which for a while seemed almost mythical but was greenlit last fall by Peacock, was due to begin filming in June. But like so many things, production is on hold due to the Writers Guild strike.

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“It was a bummer, because we were very close” to filming, series frontman Joel McHale told TVLine Thursday afternoon, while promoting Season 2 of Fox. crime scene kitchen. “But at the same time, I’m a trillion percent behind the writers. Writers need to be paid.

McHale claimed that community the movie is “still going”, saying that “when this strike is over, we will come back and we will get there. And I’m sure [series creator] Dan [Harmon] will put 12 jokes on the fact that it took [this long to come together]. But we will get there. It may just take a little time.

Peacock ordered community the movie in September 2022, more than seven years after the 2015 series finale of the cult classic. Harmon is writing the film with former series scribe Andrew Guest (whose credits include fan-favorite episodes “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” and “A Fistful of Paintballs”).

So far, the script for the film is mum, though Harmon has previously ruled out ideas such as another paintball competition, a Dungeons & Dragons theme, or a storyline where Greendale has been closed for a decade (or even demolished). .

What is Harmon did suggest that the study group will have spent a lot of time apart. “It’s not because they swore to each other,” he says. “There’s a reason to get together, and then there’s a reason they have to stay together.”

Speaking to TVLine on Thursday, McHale teased, “I know what’s going on [in the movie] but I can’t say anything. After joking, “Everyone dies, it’s like the end of Hamlet“, he became serious and confessed:” From what I know, it’s great, really. It will be a barn burner.

In addition to McHale (as Jeff Winger), former series regulars returning for the film are Danny Pudi (as Abed Nadir), Alison Brie (Annie Edison), Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry), Donald Glover (Troy Barnes) , Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) and Ken Jeong (Ben Chang), while Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett) and Chevy Chase (late Pierce Hawthorne) remain question marks to varying degrees. Late cast member Keith David (Elroy Patashnik) is also expected.

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