Jimmie Allen fights back in court against two women who accused him of sexual assault

MusiCares Personality of the Year 2023 honoring Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson - Arrivals - Credit: Getty Images for the Recording Academy

MusiCares Personality of the Year 2023 honoring Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson – Arrivals – Credit: Getty Images for the Recording Academy

Jimmie Allen has counter-sued the two women who filed sexual assault lawsuits against him, accusing them of defamation and theft of property.

In a pair of counterclaims filed Thursday in Tennessee federal court and obtained by rolling stoneAllen not only denied all of the serious allegations against him and called for Jane Does’s lawsuit to be dismissed, but he also counterattacked the two women, accusing them of ‘intentional and malicious’ actions which resulted in the arrest suddenly from his action in the past. – promising career.

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In both countersuits, Allen admits to having extramarital “consensual sexual encounters” with the two women, but denies the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

“In March 2021, Allen and Doe began engaging in a consensual sexual relationship,” the countersuit alleges. “Throughout the relationship, sexual encounters were initiated by Allen and Doe. The relationship continued until the fall of 2022, when Allen ended the relationship to focus on repairing his relationship. with his wife.

Much of the countersuit against Jane Doe 1 focuses on the interview she later gave to Varietysaying that the article “made several false claims that portrayed Allen and Doe’s consensual affair as non-consensual sexual misconduct” and that “Doe disparaged Allen throughout the Variety article”.

Following Jane Doe’s initial lawsuit, Allen was dropped by his record label, talent agency, publicist, and artist management company. He also “lost lucrative sponsorship deals, had several performance contracts canceled, and was eventually dropped by his record company” and “was unable to book any musical performances, promotional appearances, or guest appearances. on the television”.

As for Jane Doe 2, who claimed Allen assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room and filmed them having sex without her knowledge or consent, the legal team at the country singer admitted in the countersuit that although the sexual encounter was filmed on Allen’s cell phone, Allen first asked (and received) permission to film it, and that the phone was set up “well in view at the foot of the bed” and not hidden in a cupboard.

Jane Doe 2 said in her lawsuit that she took Allen’s phone with her when she left the hotel room and eventually gave it to the police, which the countersuit says is considered stolen property.

In a statement to rolling stoneAllen said: “Following numerous false allegations, I have engaged a legal team to follow an appropriate course of action to protect my reputation and refute these allegations which have caused serious damage to my family, my health mind and my business. .”

Allen continued, “It took me a few months to publicly respond to these claims because I wanted to fix my family first. This situation caused me great humiliation and I felt it was necessary to seek professional help. For years I have faced racism and harmful threats just because I am a black man in the country music industry, and this situation has only amplified that. As the son and brother of rape victims and the father of daughters, these misrepresentations hurt me and everyone around me immensely.

“These false allegations caused me to lose a large number of business and endorsement opportunities that I worked extremely hard for. These false allegations not only hurt me, but also caused severe financial damage to my group, my team and their families.

In a statement to rolling stoneElizabeth Fegan, the attorney representing the Jane Does, said: “We have reviewed recent documents filed by Allen’s legal team and they are consistent with what we expected – claims that all of his meetings with Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 were consensual.. We look forward to showing the court ample evidence to the contrary, which we believe will prove that Jimmie Allen is a serial abuser and should be held accountable for his actions.

Fegan added, “It is increasingly common for perpetrators to counter-sue their victims, claiming defamation. This is a disturbing trend, designed to convince victims that if they speak out, they will be the target of bogus litigation.

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