Italian forces secure Turkish ship attacked by armed stowaways off Naples

MILAN (AP) — Italian special forces have regained control of a Turkish vessel that had been attacked by armed stowaways off the southern city of Naples, Italy’s defense minister said on Friday. State.

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said the operation was still ongoing and Italian forces were providing security for the 22 crew members aboard the “Galeta Seaways”, while rounding up the stowaways.

Special forces descended on the Turkish vessel from two helicopters in the dramatic operation to free the crew held by around 15 stowaways, two or three armed with sharp objects, Crosetto said.

The stowaways moved to take control of the freighter which was en route to France after it was discovered, but the captain was able to raise an alarm. Italian customs patrol boats blocked the Turkish ship, while special forces boarded, Crosetto said.

Some of the stowaways continued to evade capture, Crosetto said.

“We hope it ends as soon as possible without consequences for anyone,” he told RAI.

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