Iran publishes details on missiles and drones used in Israel attack

Iranian state media has details about the weapons used in the unprecedented attack on Israel last weekend, including long-range missiles able to cover close to 2,000 kilometres – almost double the capacity needed to reach Israel.

According to state news agency ISNA, Tehran deployed medium-range Emad and Kheibarshekan ballistic missiles in the attack.

The modern version of the Kheibarshekan missile has a range of up to 1,800 kilometres.

Emad missiles can carry a warhead of about 750 kilograms and fly at least 1,700 kilometres.

According to IRNA, they are launched from underground missile silos.

The distance from western Iran to Israel is around 1,000 kilometres.

Tehran launched a direct attack called “Operation Truthful Promise” on Israel at the weekend, which, according to Israeli sources, involved some 300 missiles and drones, fuelling fears of a conflagration in the Middle East.

It came after Iran had vowed retaliation for an airstrike on its embassy grounds in Damascus on April 1 in which two generals and others were killed. Israel is believed to have carried out the attack and has not denied responsibility.

Israel has been Iran’s declared arch-enemy since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

According to IRNA, Iran also used Paveh cruise missiles in the attack, which are said to be able to reach speeds of up to 900 km/h.

Alongside the missiles, Tehran deployed Shahed 136 drones, the same kamikaze drones that Russia is using against Ukraine.

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