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PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 15: Victor Wembanyama of Metropolitans 92 takes a free kick during the Betclic Elite Finals Championship match between Metropolitans 92 and AS Monaco at Stade Roland Garros on June 15, 2023 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Victor Wembanyama isn’t the only reason to tune in to the 2023 NBA Draft, here’s what you need to know and how to watch. (Photo by: Aurélien Meunier/Getty Images)

The NBA Finals had fans on the edge of their couches as the Denver Nuggets won their first-ever NBA championship title. Now it’s time to sit down and tune in to the 2023 NBA Draft, where all eyes will likely be on 7-foot-3, 19-year-old Victor Wembanyama, the San Antonio Spurs’ rumored No. 1 pick. Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson are vying for second place. there are seven teams with multiple first-round picks: Charlotte Hornets (#2 and #27), Portland Trail Blazers (#3 and #23), Houston Rockets (#4 and #20), Orlando Magic (No. 6 and No. 11), Utah Jazz (No. 9, No. 16 and No. 28), Brooklyn Nets (No. 21 and No. 22) and Indiana Pacers (No. 7, No. 26 and No. 29). But because trades could always upset the order of the draft, we’ll just have to watch it all unfold on NBA draft night.

“I think this is the year we’ll see a lot of teams trying to make plays for trades and the players they want, whether it’s top of the draft or teams are trading,” said a NBA scout at Yahoo Sports.

Here’s what you need to know about Thursday’s NBA Draft, including how to watch the NBA Draft on TV, live NBA Draft information, full draft order, top picks and Moreover.

How to watch the NBA Draft this year:

  • Watch ESPN and ABC, and get ESPN+

    Hulu + Live TV

NBA draft date: June 22, 2023

NBA Draft Time: 8 p.m.

NBA Draft Location: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

NBA Draft TV Channel: ESPN, ABC

NBA draft broadcast: ESPN+, Hulu

What channel is the NBA Draft airing on?

The full 2023 NBA Draft event will air on ESPN and ABC, but only the first round of the event will be on ABC. So if you’re looking to tune into the full NBA draft, you’ll need ESPN or ESPN+.

(Picture: Hulu)

For $70 a month, Hulu’s live TV package (with ads) will give you access to ESPN plus other live channels you’ll need to watch the NBA Draft, as well as NBA games. NBA regular season including ABC, ESPN2 and TNT. Plus, this package gets you a subscription to ESPN+, Disney+, and of course, access to Hulu’s general content library. Hulu’s live TV plans also include unlimited DVR storage, a hardware-free setup process, and easy online cancellation.

$70 at Hulu

(Photo: ESPN+)

You can stream the 2023 NBA Draft on ESPN+. An ESPN+ subscription gives you access to exclusive ESPN+ content, including live events, fantasy sports tools, and premium ESPN+ items. You can stream ESPN+ through an app on your smart TV, phone, tablet, computer, and on

$10 at ESPN

2023 NBA Draft Live Stream:

You can stream the full 2023 NBA Draft on ESPN+, or log in with your ESPN+ info to stream through Watch ESPN.

You can also stream the 2023 NBA Draft First Round on ABC and the ABC app (if you sign in with your eligible provider).

  • Watch ESPN and ABC, and get ESPN+

    Hulu + Live TV

NBA Draft 2023 top picks:

This year, all eyes are on Victor Wembanyama, the rumored No. 1 pick for the San Antonio Spurs. The 7-foot-3, 19-year-old from the 92 Metropolitans is hailed as one of the highest-profile NBA draft picks since LeBron James.

But Wembanyama isn’t the only potential player in the draft spotlight this year. Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller and Amen and Ausar Thompson are also ones to watch.

Additionally, there are plenty of trade rumors swirling around Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine, Jonathan Kuminga, DeAndre Ayton, and Zion Williamson.

2023 NBA Draft Order:

With the 2023 NBA Draft lottery already drawn, here is Thursday’s official draft order:

First round: selections 1 to 14

1. San Antonio




5. Detroit






11. Orlando (from Chicago)

12. Oklahoma City


14. New Orleans

First Round: Pick 15-30


16. Utah (from Minnesota)

17. Los Angeles Lakers


19. Golden State

20. Houston (from LA Clippers)

21. Brooklyn (from Phoenix)


23. Portland (from New York)

24. Sacrament


26. Indiana (from Cleveland)

27. Charlotte (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City)

28. Utah (from Philadelphia via Brooklyn)

29. Indiana (from Boston)

30. LA Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston)

Second round: Choice 31-58

31. Detroit

32. Indiana (from Houston)

33. San Antonio

34. Charlotte (from Charlotte via Philadelphia and Atlanta)

35. Boston (from Portland via Atlanta, LA Clippers, Detroit and Cleveland)

36. Orlando

37. Oklahoma City (from Washington via New Orleans)

38. Sacramento (from Indiana)

39. Charlotte (from Utah via New York)

40. Denver (from Dallas via Oklahoma City)

41. Charlotte (from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston)

42. Washington (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington)

43. Portland (from Atlanta)

44. San Antonio (from Toronto)

45. Memphis (from Minnesota)

46. ​​Atlanta (from New Orleans)

47. Los Angeles Lakers

48. Los Angeles Clippers

49. Cleveland (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)

50. Oklahoma City (from Miami via Boston, Memphis and Dallas)


52. Phoenix

53. Minnesota (from New York via Charlotte)

54. Sacrament

55. Indiana (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit)


– Chicago (from Denver via Cleveland; lost by Chicago)

— Philadelphia (package)

57. Washington (from Boston via Charlotte)

58. Milwaukee

*Note: The draft order above assumes that a team with the right to trade one pick for another will only exercise that right if it is favorable to do so.

* There are only 58 picks in the 2023 draft because the Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls each lost a second-round pick due to violations of rules governing free agency talks.

All the ways to watch the 2023 NBA Draft:

  • Watch ESPN and ABC with Sling Orange & Blue

    TV Sling

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