How the Warriors can find help on Steph Curry’s roster, by Gilbert Arenas

Arenas: Why Dubs should pack Poole, Wiggins in the trade originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

It remains to be seen how the Warriors will strengthen their roster this offseason ahead of the 2023-24 NBA season, but it’s clear the organization is gearing up for a busy summer.

In the latest episode of fubo Sports’ “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas,” the former Warriors point guard explained what Golden State’s top priority should be this offseason.

“You have to start looking to add someone who can complement [Steph Curry] as a player and make it easier for him,” Arenas said. “We wouldn’t talk about it if [Kevin Durant] was still there.

Finding help for Curry, especially with the caliber of player Arenas is alluding to, is a lot easier said than done, especially for a Warriors team that is expected to exceed the $49 million threshold. luxury imposition of $162 million next season.

Golden State likely won’t be able to add top caliber players through free agency, which means any major moves will have to come through trade. What do the Warriors have to offer and who can they acquire? Arenas has ideas.

“I’ll see if I can try to get Jordan Pool [traded] and see if we can find someone more stable,” Arenas explained. “Because his game is erratic. It’s AAU-style. It’s a herk and jerk style, highlight reel type game where I want to shake you, gotta cook you every play. And when it comes to being good or being consistent, it’s about understanding how to get some easy buckets… With Jordan right now, that’s 90% of his game. So [if I’m the Warriors] I’ll try to move him and maybe if I can move him I can get Jaylen Brown?”

“If I’m them, I’ll try to pack Poole and [Andrew] Wiggins and see what I can get out of it [and] if I can get a solid third option. Or if I can save money by getting rid of Poole and Wiggins for Jaylen Brown and leaving Draymond [Green] walk and sign Ben Simmons… there are so many options that can happen. It all depends on the state of mind and what everyone thinks.”

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Would a Warriors starting five of Curry, Klay Thompson, Brown, Simmons and Kevon Looney and a bench without Poole be an upgrade from the current roster? If so, would that be enough to make the Warriors championship contenders again?

These moves would certainly bring a drastic change to the roster, which some are beginning to believe may be needed next season.

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