Hidden camera found inside the toilet of port-a-potty at Wisconsin beach, police say

A battery-operated camera was found hidden inside a port-a-potty at a Wisconsin beach, police said.

A beachgoer discovered the camera Tuesday, July 25, and alerted police, WISN reported.

Officers with the Oconomowoc Police Department responded to Bender Beach at about 1:15 p.m. that afternoon, according to a news release.

Officers confirmed a camera was secured in the toilet, police said, and was “visible when the seat was lifted.”

The police department said it confiscated the toilet, and investigators are analyzing it.

“There are just so many levels of ‘ick,’” Kathleen Heckenkamp told WITI. “It’s very upsetting to me that, in our own neighborhood, there’s something strange going on.”

The City of Oconomowoc Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department has checked all city bathrooms and port-a-pottys for cameras, police said. City workers will continue monitoring public bathrooms for suspicious activity.

The city also has encouraged businesses “to be vigilant in the inspection for hidden devices,” and officials said people should “keep a look out for cameras.”

If you find a hidden camera, contact police.

Oconomowoc is about 35 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

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