HGTV’s ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge’ Amplifies Nostalgia With ’60s-’90s Inspirations

If the country had not already experienced a spike in rose fever caused by the premiere of the film with Margot Robbie BarbieHGTV Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge could very well change that.

The new four-part event series premiered on Sunday and is hosted by model Ashley Graham. It features eight teams of two made up of various HGTV stars and a Food Network chef, Antonia Lofaso. They’re all working to transform a Southern California home into something worthy of being called Barbie Dreamhouse, not only incorporating all the bright colors you’d expect, but also adding “toyetic” features similar to those found in Barbie’s real dream homes. years.

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And, since Barbie doll has been around since 1959, this show pays homage to the franchise’s entire history, with each revamped space taking inspiration from a particular decade, leaning into all of the trends, pop culture and fashion. aesthetics of the time.

Each episode features two teams competing against each other in hopes of being selected as the winner that week, with one team ultimately being named the “Dreamiest” of them all in the finale. Not only will the winning team receive a donation to a charity made in their honor, but they will also play for one of eight Barbie superfans to win the chance to spend a night in the completed Dreamhouse.

Sunday’s first episode featured Egypt’s husband-and-wife team Sherrod and HGTV’s Mike Jackson Married to real estate take on Jasmine Roth’s team from Help! I destroyed my house and his partner Lofaso, who is not only a chef but has also designed restaurants. The judges include designers Jonathan Adler and Tiffany Brooks, who will be joined by a guest judge each week, with Brady Bouquet star Maureen McCormick filling the role this week.

Sherrod and Jackson were assigned the living and dining areas and drew the 1990s as their decade of inspiration. And as soon as they entered the halls, the judges were struck by lots of bold, bright, pink color blocks, accented with fun patterns and splatter painted areas.

Their spaces also included an actual outfit worn by Robbie in the Barbie a movie, stained glass windows with Barbie silhouettes similar to 90s Dreamhouses, and a working elevator in the living room for things like Barbie “shopping bags.”

Meanwhile, Roth and Lofaso were given the kitchen and family room with the 1960s as their decade of inspiration. They paired vintage-looking appliances with lighter shades of pink and blue on the walls, ceiling, and floor, as well as patterned wallpaper. Their toyetic feature was a counter with hidden compartments that lift up and bring appliances – in this case a blender and toaster – onto the counter so Barbie could easily entertain herself.

Their family room included a sofa with fabric that replicates an old cardboard sofa from a 60s dream house, with the added toyetic function of armrests that become TV trays. And of course, Lofaso put the exclamation mark on the presentation with a home-cooked TV dinner that included mashed potatoes that “will change your life,” according to Roth.

In the end, it was Lofaso and Roth who made it to the final. And if they know what’s good for them, Lofaso will have plenty more of those mashed potatoes ready to serve.

Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on HGTV.

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