Here’s why he deserves fantasy baseball’s attention

Of course, we cannot deal each lead call as an actionable fantasy event, but the Luis Matos the promotion should be of interest to someone in almost every league.

Maybe You I personally have no use for a hot hitter with power and speed, but a rival manager can probably find a place for him.

The Giants raised Matos from Sacramento A little after Mitch Haniger broke his arm on Tuesday night, then immediately dropped it in the No. 2 slot in the batting order upon his arrival. Matos has raked all season in the minor highs, slashing .350/.415/.561 on two saves with 10 homers, 25 extra hits and 15 interceptions. He was actually more dominant at Triple-A (.398/.435/.685) than he was at Double-A Richmond, which looks promising.

Matos has also walked more times than he has been knocked out this year (24 to 20), which tells you a lot about his discipline and bat-on-ball skills. In his last six games, he’s been outrageously and unreasonably good, going 12 for 25 with six homers, two walks and two interceptions.

Here’s a look at Tuesday’s bombshell:

Although Matos may not have entered 2023 with Elly De La Cruz– level hype, its production was almost unequalled. The 21-year-old has displayed a skill set across all categories at the underage level, making him a solid speculative addition to any fantasy roster. As of this writing, he is alone in over 75% of Yahoo leagues.

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