Head of German Defence Intelligence does not see threats to Putin’s regime within Russia

Bruno Kahl, Head of Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Service, says disputes in Russian society do not pose a threat to Vladimir Putin’s government.

Source: This is reported by European Pravda with reference to DW.

Kahl noted that he did not see the weakening of Putin’s power in the Russian Federation.

“We see no cracks in the Putin system,” he said.

According to him, public criticism of the war against Ukraine is a common disagreement in Russia, and not a threat to the regime.

“Russia is still capable of waging a long-range war,” he said, pointing to newly recruited soldiers.

Kahl said that Russia also has enough equipment and ammunition.

However, Kahl said that Russia had certain vulnerabilities, including the performance of the armed forces.

Earlier, Latvian Defence Minister Ināra Mūrniece said that it is a mistake to believe that Russia is weakened due to significant losses in the full-scale war in Ukraine and is not capable of new “strategic surprises”.

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