G7 was about getting Russia to negotiate – opinion

The G7 summit was held in Hiroshima on May 19-22

The G7 summit was held in Hiroshima on May 19-22

Ukraine is preparing its counteroffensive and the hope is that it will be successful. But if Russia can be persuaded to come to peace talks then there is a way that Ukraine can hold the counteroffensive and save many lives on both sides.

The G7 built a message that the West will stand by Ukraine economically, militarily and by giving Zelensky a platform at Hiroshima to reach out to the Global South Russia also now faces increasing international isolation.

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The message also was that sanctions on Russia will be tightened – and the reach out to the global south will further facilitate that.

So furthering this war will just make Russia’s situation worse – much worse. And negotiate now – or else.

The green light for the supply of F16s to Ukraine was also the last red line crossed suggesting that Ukraine will now get the full conventional range of capability to win the war and secure the peace. Another message to Moscow. But also that is the assurance to Ukraine that it can head to negotiations with Moscow from a position of strength – and it will be less dependent on agreement on future NATO membership if it is able to defend itself because it now has access to the full range of conventional military capability.

Moscow now faces the choice – negotiate or face inevitable defeat.

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