Five children who flew from UK to Pakistan with Sara Sharif’s father found in police raid

Five children who travelled from the UK to Pakistan with the father of Sara Sharif have all been found by police at a house in Jhelum.

Muhammad Sharif told the BBC the children had been hiding inside his home but did not say how long they had been there.

Sara’s father Urfan Sharif, his partner, Beinash Batool, and brother Faisal Malik, who are all wanted by police in the UK following the girl’s death last month, were not present when the raid was carried out on Monday.

According to the BBC, Muhammad Sharif accused Pakistani police officers of destroying CCTV cameras and damaging the gates at his home in the north-eastern city of Jhelum.

He had previously issued repeated denials of being in contact with his fugitive son and having knowledge of the family’s whereabouts.

The police have apparently confirmed that they have the children following the raid shortly before 12pm local time.

It is not yet known whether police have responded to the allegations of vandalism during the raid.

One neighbour told the BBC: “Police officers including female officers raided the house. They broke the CCTV at the entrance and entered it.

“While inside, more officers arrived outside and stopped the traffic. They stopped everyone from filming on their mobile phones.”

Surrey Police want to speak to Mr Sharif, Ms Batool and Mr Malik, 28, who fled the UK for Pakistan after Sara was found dead and alone at the family home in Woking, on August 10.

Sara Sharif

Sara Sharif was found dead at home in Surrey on August 10

A post-mortem examination found she had suffered “multiple and extensive injuries” over a “sustained and extended” period of time.

Last week, Sara’s father and stepmother accused the media of “making up lies” about them as they spoke publicly for the first time about her death.

Speaking in a video released by Sky News, Mr Sharif and Ms Batool said they were willing to co-operate with authorities and “fight our case in court”, but did not specifically state a return to the UK.

In the footage, the husband and wife, sat side-by-side on a sofa as she read out a prepared statement.

“Firstly, I would like to talk about Sara. Sara’s death was an incident. Our family in Pakistan are severely affected by all that is going on,” Ms Batool said.

She said she was worried for the family’s safety and accused the media of issuing incorrect information and “making up lies”.

“Imran [one of Mr Sharif’s brothers] did not give a statement that Sara fell down the stairs and broke her neck. This was spread through a Pakistani media outlet.”

Ms Batool claimed the family were now running out of food and unable to venture outside.

“All of our family members have gone into hiding as everyone is scared for their safety. The kids are unable to attend school as they’re afraid to leave the house. No one is leaving the house.

“The groceries have run out and there is no food for the kids as the adults are unable to leave their homes out of fear for safety.”

In her final remarks, Ms Batool indicated the family was ready to speak to police in the UK.

“Lastly, we are willing to cooperate with the UK authorities and fight our case in court,” she added.

The BBC reported that Ms Batool stated the family were forced into hiding over fears Pakistani police will torture and kill them.

In response, Mehmood Bajwa, a police chief in Jhelum, said allegations of harassment and torture of Mr Sharif’s family members were false

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