Ezra Miller’s harassment protection order lifted in Massachusetts, ‘The Flash’ star slams media for ‘hunting clicks’

A temporary restraining order in Massachusetts against embattled “The Flash” star Ezra Miller was lifted on Friday. Miller was accused by the mother of a 12-year-old non-binary child of acting inappropriately. The actor also reportedly harassed the child’s family.

‘I am heartened by today’s outcome and very grateful in this moment to everyone who has stood by me and sought to ensure that this gross misuse of the protective order system is stopped’ , Miller wrote in a statement on Instagram.

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Miller, who uses the pronouns they/them and identifies as non-binary, has never faced criminal charges. In their statement on Instagram, Miller argued that the protective order issued against them was “used as a weapon by those seeking fleeting tabloid attention or fame or some kind of personal revenge while there is people who really and desperately need these services”.

Miller also criticized media coverage of the incident. “I implore members of the media who have recklessly spread misrepresentations and failed to accurately report the truth and context of this story, to stand at a higher level and take the time to find the facts, rather than chasing clicks,” Miller wrote on Instagram.

The Daily Beast told the story of the charges against Miller, reviewing contemporary photographs and text messages, as well as speaking to the actor’s accusers and a neighbor who witnessed some of the incidents. Miller allegedly behaved erratically, exploded in anger, and later “made the child uncomfortable by hugging him and pressing his body tightly against him”.

The ‘The Flash’ star has been embroiled in several different controversies in recent years. In 2020, a video emerged showing Miller as they appeared to choke a woman outside a bar in Iceland. No charges have been filed. The actor has also been arrested twice in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment. Miller did not contest a single misdemeanor disorderly conduct count, paying a $500 fine. The harassment charge in Hawaii was dismissed. In 2022, Miller was charged with burglary in Vermont after police investigated their involvement in a robbery at a private residence. This was later tried for a misdemeanor unlawful trespass, to which Miller pleaded guilty in January.

In 2022, Miller apologized for their behavior and announced that they were “suffering [from] complex mental health issues” and started treatment. The public relations scandal, however, overshadowed the release and promotional campaign of “The Flash,” a DC comic book adaptation that flopped at the box office when it opened this summer. Miller did not give any press interviews prior to the film’s debut.

In their Instagram statement, Miller wrote, “On a personal note, I want everyone to know that I continue to do my best to preserve my own well-being and what I can to reverse the collateral damage this ordeal has caused. has caused to me and my loved ones. volume.”

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