Experts react to body camera footage from Derek Diaz shooting

Newly released body camera video shows Orlando police officers approach 26-year-old Derek Diaz while he was sitting in a car in an area police say is known for drug-related activity .

After initially obeying the officers, Diaz moved his hand to the center console. When he refused to put his hands on the wheel, the police opened fire.

Lawyer Joe Castrofort watched the footage with Channel 9 and said Diaz clearly had not done what he was told.

“I definitely see a move, I see an instruction that hasn’t been followed,” he said.

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Retired Orlando Police Detective Bill Moore said that to understand the video and the officer’s perspective, you need to understand the officer’s state of mind.

“Drug dealers carry guns, they carry knives, they carry guns,” he said. “That’s going to be on the minds of the officers there.”

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But Castrofort has plenty of questions after watching the video, like what was going on before the officer shot Diaz.

“I think it’s pretty common these days to see videos of people being removed from vehicles immediately for a lot less, and there seems to be a dramatic break in this particular instance,” he said.

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