Ex-White Sox Jose Abreu records his first home run with Astros

Ex-White Sox Jose Abreu records his first home run with Astros originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The excitement on his face was palpable – Jose Abreu’s dryness is no more.

Abreu, the former longtime Chicago White Sox first baseman, finally recorded his first home run of the season, simultaneously making it his first as a Houston Astro.

The score came in the top of the eighth inning on the road against the Oakland Athletics. Holding a 6-1 lead with one out, no one and a 1-1 count, Abreu sent Sam Long’s 85-mph pitch into left field that just went over the wall.

Abreu sped around the bases like it was his first-ever home run, but that was completely understandable with the length of his 2023 drought.

After leaving Chicago following a nine-year stint that involved 243 career homers — an average of 27 per season — the 36-year-old joined Houston on a three-year, $58.5 million deal during the last offseason.

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But it took him 50 games and 192 at bats to homer. Heading into his first against the A’s on Sunday, Abreu had recorded 41 hits and 18 RBIs. With a home run now slated for 2023, he hopes that number will increase as the season progresses.

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