Ex-Adviser Predicts Trump Will ‘Suck All The Oxygen’ From GOP Debate With 1 Move

Jason Osborne, an adviser for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, broke down how the former president could “suck all the oxygen out of the room” if he turns himself in to Georgia authorities just before – or during – the first GOP primary debate on Wednesday.

Osborne, in a CNN appearance on Friday, told host Kaitlan Collins that he believes there’s a “30% chance” that Trump will make the move to surrender to authorities after being indicted in the state’s election interference case earlier this week.

“I think Donald Trump is gonna turn himself in either right before the debate or during the debate, which will suck all the oxygen out of the room,” said Osborne of the Fox News-hosted event.

“And then Fox is stuck having to air the debate, whereas you and other networks are able to say ‘Wait a minute, Donald Trump has actually just turned himself in.’ And then there’s Tucker Carlson waiting on the steps of the courthouse able to interview him right there.”

Osborne’s comments follow reports that the former president won’t take part in the debate and has instead decided to join former Fox News host Tucker Carlson for an interview. The timing of the interview is unclear although it’s “expected to air around the same time” of the debate, CNN’s Alayna Treene reported.

Trump told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling last week that he hadn’t signed one of the Republican National Committee’s requirements for the debate – a pledge to support the Republican Party’s eventual nominee in 2024 – before claiming there were “three or four people” he wouldn’t support for president.

Trump, in a post to his Truth Social platform on Thursday, touched on what he called “extraordinary” poll numbers as he claimed that “many people” are asking about whether he’d participate in the debates.

“Reagan didn’t do it, and neither did others. People know my Record, one of the BEST EVER, so why would I Debate? I’M YOUR MAN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,” wrote Trump.

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