Edmonds PD offers condolences after ‘mental crisis’ man, wanted for assault, could not be rescued

The Edmonds Police Department offered condolences after a man the department said was in “mental crisis” and wanted for domestic violence charges could not be rescued on Monday.

The EPD first tweeted about the incident at 11.30am and said the man was on a boat two or three miles off Edmonds. Police said there were negotiations formed to help them with the United States Coast Guard and the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers said they tried to arrest the man for alleged domestic violence after the man’s brother was lightly injured. Officers also said during negotiations that the man had entered the water and could not be rescued or recovered.

The EPD said the U.S. Coast Guard has made a significant effort to assist in the recovery, but due to the dynamics, there is no ongoing recovery operation.

“EPD extends its condolences to all those affected by this unfortunate incident,” the department said.

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