Daniel Jones “frustrated and extremely disappointed” with loss to Cowboys

The Giants suffered one of the ugliest losses in franchise history on Sunday night, and quarterback Daniel Jones did not feel good about himself afterward.

Jones called the 40-0 loss to the Cowboys a major disappointment that needs to be corrected.

“We’re certainly frustrated and extremely disappointed with how we performed tonight,” Jones said. “I know I certainly am with myself. A lot to work on and clean up. We’re going to be critical of ourselves and look to correct it and get back on the right page.”

Jones said the Giants are well aware that the way they played wasn’t acceptable.

“This wasn’t our best game, there’s no doubt about it. This wasn’t who we’re capable of being. We’ve got to show that. We’ve got to put that on the field and play that way. We didn’t do that tonight and we have a lot to work on going forward.”

Late in the game, Jones was pulled for Tyrod Taylor. He said that wasn’t his choice, but the coaches told him he was coming out.

“I wanted to stay in,” Jones said. “There wasn’t any conversation.”

There will be plenty of conversations this week about what went wrong with Jones and the Giants, and how to fix it.

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