Cynthia Erivo talks about the movie Wicked, Elphaba

Cynthia Erivo shared a moving message about the upcoming

Cynthia Erivo has shared a moving message about the upcoming ‘Wicked’ movie. (Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage)

talks about the message she resonates with the most in the next Bad movie.

THE widows star, who plays the so-called ‘Wicked Witch’ of the West, Elphaba, in Jon M. Chu’s adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, on Friday to share her feelings about taking on the role. She posted a photo of herself (with green manicured nails) touching the script of Villain: part twowhich seems to be subtitled For real, a nod to one of the songs from the film. Although the Broadway musical is told in one part, the films will be split into two. The first part is scheduled for .

In her caption, Erivo wrote that although she said little about her film role because she “kept her head down and exploited this beautifully complex being that is Elphaba”, she wanted to write a little about her recent experience. filming of the song “I am not that girl. In the musical, this is the moment when Elphaba expresses her belief that she is not the right woman for Prince Fiyero (played in the film by Bridgertonis Jonathan Bailey).

“I thought of us, those who often have the impression of being outside”, Luther wrote the actress. “Those who don’t know their differences, quirks, quirks are what make them beautiful and special. Those who for some reason believe they can’t be loved and I felt proud to sing a song that could talk about those feelings. I’m infinitely grateful to be playing a role that changes the notion of beauty, I’m infinitely grateful to work with some of the most beautiful souls on the planet and I’m already crying the day our little bubble has to come to a END.”

She expressed hope that “when you finally see this movie, you’ll see yourself, you’ll see me, you’ll see Jon and Ari and our hearts laid bare, you’ll see the pain and the joy and maybe just maybe that you’ll see a little spark of light that says, you are who you are for a reason and you deserve happiness and even though sometimes it’s hard to find, it’s there for the taking.

from Erivo Bad The family commented on the post, with Ariana Grande – who plays Glinda the Good Witch – writing: “Love you forever.” Chu added, “Our beautiful Elphie. Wait to see what she brought. Extraordinary.”

Although Erivo hasn’t shared much about her Bad trip, Great – who (or, Galinda, for those who know) his dream part — often posted about the experience. In July 2022, the now-blonde star hugged on set on Instagram, to which Erivo commented, “I love you Xx.”

In April, Grande also honors the duology halfway marker.

“Savoring every millisecond left with my Galinda (even though she will be with me irrevocably, forever),” the “thank u, next” singer wrote. “Whe shows me so many new things every day. I’m so grateful, I don’t know what to do or say…to be here in Oz where every day is life changing…to feel, learn and grow so much at one so disarmingly fast… to feel so much love around me, starting each day before the sun rises and ending after it sets Holding the beautiful green hands of my brilliant twin flame/sister Cynthia each day… working in the spaces the safest, the most beautiful and the most loving, the greatest but the most intimate / the most intimate…”

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