County poll workers get a pay raise

Feb. 26—GREENSBURG — The Decatur County Commissioners voted Monday to give local poll workers a raise.

First Deputy Clerk/Election Administrator Patricia Louagie, speaking for the Decatur County Election Board, appealed to the commissioners for more money for hourly poll workers and alternates.

“Currently, our poll workers get $10 an hour to attend a mandatory training,” said Louagie. “That isn’t a very big incentive, especially because it’s on a Saturday and it’s several hours long.”

Poll workers are also obliged to help with night-before-the-election poll setup, but receive no compensation for the task.

Louagie proposed an incentive of $20 for each participant.

She also asked for permission to change the $25 meal per diem each worker receives to $35.

“We all know you can’t eat three meals for $25 anymore,” she said.

Poll workers and alternates are difficult to find, and Louagie has already started her search for the upcoming election.

To aid in the election process, the Indiana Secretary of State has established the Hoosier Hall Pass program, providing 16 and 17 years old students an opportunity to help at the polls.

Each student must have at least a 3.0 grade point average and be a citizen of the United States.

Each should have the written approval of their principal or, if the student is home-schooled, the approval of their parent or guardian.

Each student must satisfactorily complete any training required and should serve in accordance with normal State of Indiana statutes.

For more information about or an application for Hoosier Hall Pass, call the clerk’s office at 812-663-8223 ext. 5.

As a reminder, May 7 is Primary Election day with polls open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. General Election day is Nov. 5.

Poll Worker Duties

—Attend a training session to learn the duties of a poll worker.

—Help set up the polling place.

—Assist voters and explain how to cast a ballot.

—Restore the polling place to its original condition and return the election supplies once the day is done.

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