Christopher Reeves and Norman Reedus share deep thoughts and ice cream while taking a motorcycle ride through the Utah.

Keanu Reeves was the guest rider on the sixth season premiere of Ride With Norman Reedus on Sunday, as the two actors ventured across the Utah desert and talked about, well, plenty of interesting topics.

Along with some random thoughts about things like how Reeves finds himself “thinking about geology” in old age, the actor revealed that what attracted him to riding motorcycles was seeing what he called “biker gangs” rolling through the town he group in, Yorkville, in Toronto, Canada.

“I just remember as a little kid, 11-year-old, going like, ‘freedom.’ It felt like freedom. It felt like alternative. It felt like power,” he said. “Camaraderie, the whole thing.”

On the topic of Canada, Reeves said that the only real sports he was involved in as a youth was billiards and hockey and described a hockey fight he once got in as a kid.

“It was a bit of a scrum and I got up and I swung, and I punched the guy in the head. Then other players came and then my defenseman came in, and then they were fighting,” Reeves said. “It was all very exciting.”

To which Reedus responded with, “did you ever see the movie Youngblood?”

“I was in Youngblood,” Reeves said of the 1986 hockey-themed drama.

Also in Youngblood was the late Patrick Swayze, with whom Reeves worked multiple times and told Reedus what it was like.

“He was a beautiful spirit. So sweet. Super committed. Enthusiastic,” Reeves said.

And speaking of movies, one of Reeves’ most prolific franchises — The Matrix — came up while the pair were literally speeding down the highway, but that didn’t mean he still couldn’t reflect on it.

“The best sci-fi has something to say about who we are and what we are and what we’re doing. So much of it was just foresight into the world that we live in now and simulation, AI,” Reeves said of The Matrix films. “All sorts of roads you could go down from The Matrix to apply to the modern world.”

Reeves and Reedus visit some furry friends along their journey. (AMC)

Reeves and Reedus visit some furry friends along their journey. (AMC)

And when Reedus asked if their adventure across Utah was all just one big simulation, Reeves didn’t say no.

“That I can’t answer. But it’s already acknowledged that consciousness, the human brain, already has to tell a story to make this real,” Reeves said.

“I just want to make a left-hand turn and meet the Norman that can grow chest hair,” Reedus responded.

“Wait, what?” Reeves asked, before they both laughed and kept on riding.

Ride With Norman Reedus airs Sundays on AMC and AMC+.

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