Century-old warrants uncovered by Chelan County Sheriff’s Office

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered historical arrest warrants dating back to the early 1900′s.

The photos include warrants for theft, fraud, and other crimes.

In July of 1913, a convict named Clarence Stevens escaped a rock quarry in Walla Walla while serving a 15 year sentence for burglary. The authorities were offering a $50 dollar bounty for his capture, approximately $1,535 in today’s money.

On April 29 of the same year, a Wenatchee man named George Yandall was accused of burning his house, barn, and hay stack after cashing his wife off the property with a gun.

The documents include many other warrants spanning a variety of crimes.

“CCSO recognizes understanding our past is crucial, as it informs our present practices and shapes our future strategies. Founded in 1900 our agency laid the foundation for county law enforcement, contributing significantly to our county’s development and progress,” said a spokesperson. “Revisiting this history strengthens our commitment to community safety and progress.”

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