Carrie Fisher becomes a witch in the trailer for her latest film Wonderwell

Carrie Fisher trades the Force for a more earthly type of magic.

The latest film by the late actress and screenwriter, Wonderwell, officially has a trailer, seven years after his passing. The film, which was shot just weeks before Fisher’s death in 2016, follows Violet (Kiera Milward), a curious American living in Italy. When her family travels to a medieval village for a photoshoot featuring Violet’s older sister, Savannah (Nell Tiger Free), Violet wanders into the forest, which contains unexpected magic.

In the forest, Violet meets the witch Hazel (Fisher), who shows her a mysterious portal that sends Violet on an adventure where she must face world-famous designer Yana (Rita Ora), who is hiding her own magical secrets.

Fisher’s red hair and fanciful clothes recall his mother Debbie Reynolds’ beloved turn as the witch Splendora Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell in the 1998s Halloween Town.

“Life can be as magical as this garden, but it’s so much more fun,” Fisher’s Hazel tells Violet as the trailer draws to a close.

When she shot Wonderwell, Fisher had already finished work on his latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. (Fisher was presented posthumously in 2019 The Rise of Skywalker using VFX technology and unused footage from the force awakens.)

Carrie Fisher in "wonderwell"

Carrie Fisher in “Wonderwell”

STRANGE QUARK FILMS Carrie Fisher in “Wonderwell”

The combination of Fisher’s passing, the COVID-19 pandemic, and visual effects challenges significantly delayed the release of Wonderwell, according to director Vlad Marsavin. But now viewers will be able to see the Hollywood icon’s final performance.

In May, Fisher received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Former costar Mark Hamill and his daughter Billie Lourd were on hand to celebrate Fisher and his legacy.

wonderwell will receive a limited theatrical release via AMC starting June 23, followed by a digital release. Watch the trailer above for more.

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