Busy Philipps Says She’s ‘Psychic’ Claims Her Ability to See ‘Things in the Future’

Busy Philipps has good reason to believe in psychics.

“I’m psychic,” the “Freaks and Geeks” actor said during an appearance on the July 24 episode of the “Ghosted! by Roz Hernandez” podcast.

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“Well, I think I’m very intuitive,” says Philipps. “But sometimes I just know things are going to happen. I kind of see things in the future and then have a lot of really psychic connections with people.

If that’s not weird enough, “Ghosted!” Host Hernandez says she and her best friend, ‘A Million Things’ star Sam Pancake, once came face-to-face with a murderer while guarding Philipps’ house. “You and Sam stopped the killer from coming to my house,” Philipps said.

Hernandez recalled, “I looked around and saw a man staring at me through the window! This is the thing that I will never forget. I looked him in the eye.”

Philipps thanked Hernandez. “You basically saved my life, I have to say.”

” Ghost ! By Roz Hernandez” features celebrity guests and paranormal professionals to share stories of unexplained experiences, including those involving ghosts. Hernandez is a Los Angeles-based transgender comedian, actor, and paranormal enthusiast.

Hernandez invites listeners to share their own paranormal experiences by emailing GhostedByRoz@gmail.com.

” Ghost ! is part of The Exactly Right podcast network. Created by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, hosts of the hit “My Favorite Murder” podcast, the Exactly Right podcast list covers a variety of topics and voices.

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