Biden and Democrats have raised more than $72 million for his 2024 race since he opened his campaign in April

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee have raised more than $72 million for his re-election in the 10 weeks since announcing his 2024 candidacy, his campaign said Friday, in a solid but non-record performance from an incumbent.

It’s all money raised between April 25, when Biden made his announcement, and the end of June, and includes donations to his campaign and a network of joint fundraising arrangements with national and state parties. . By comparison, President Barack Obama raised $85.6 million in the April-June quarter of 2011 when he launched his campaign for a second term, despite announcing his candidacy three weeks earlier. in April than Biden.

In 2019, then-President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee raised a total of $105 million in the second quarter, about $80,000 a day more than Biden earned this year, while Biden was enjoying higher limits on campaign finance donations due to inflation.

Biden, who has cleared the field of any serious rival for the Democratic nomination, nevertheless faces lingering concerns within the party about voter enthusiasm for an 80-year-old candidate. The number of fundraisers is likely to calm but not eliminate some concerns about whether Biden can muster the support needed for a successful campaign. His effort in 2020 topped $1 billion in donations.

Polls show Democrats would prefer another candidate to run, but there is no consensus within the party on an alternative.

Biden’s sum is more than double that of Donald Trump in those three months for his 2024 effort, although the former president and other Republicans in the race are not raising funds jointly with the GOP and are therefore facing lower federal contribution limits for major donors.

Biden’s campaign did not detail the total raised directly by his campaign, which would allow for a more direct comparison with Republican candidates. This figure should be communicated to the Federal Election Commission on Saturday.

“As Republicans burn resources in a divisional primary focused on who can fill the most extreme MAGA positions, we significantly outperform each of them – because the strength of our team lies in our grassroots supporters,” said Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a statement.

The campaign said the total came from nearly 400,000 donors, and that 97% of donations were under $200 and more than 30% of donors did not give to Biden in 2020.

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