Belgium to address Ukraine over alleged deployment of its weapons in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast

The Belgian government will look to Ukraine for clarification due to reports suggesting Belgian-made weapons were used by anti-Putin armed groups to attack the Russian Federation’s Belgorod Oblast.

Source: This was reported in the material of Het Laatste Nieuws, writes European Pravda

According to a “reliable source” of the media, Belgian Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs Ludivine Dedonder and Hadja Lahbib will contact the Ukrainian authorities as soon as possible to obtain an explanation of the situation.

Quote: “These supplies are intended for the Ukrainian armed forces to protect their territory and their population from the Russian invasion. This is clearly indicated in the documents accompanying each delivery,” the source told HLN.

“These weapons are therefore not intended for isolated groups with domestic Russian interests,” he added.

Earlier, the Washington Post, citing intelligence, reported that Russian Volunteer Corps and Russian Freedom Legion fighters, who are fighting alongside Ukraine and invaded Belgorod Oblast late May, have used at least four tactical vehicles before. transferred to Ukraine by Western powers.

These include armored vehicles of the MRAP type with reinforced anti-mine protection, as well as rifles manufactured by the Czech Republic and Belgium and at least one AT-4 anti-tank grenade launcher, which is often used by the American military. and generally Western.

The United States has repeatedly stressed that it does not approve of the use of its weapons for military operations outside Ukraine. Ukrainian intelligence said Western equipment for Russian insurgents was a trophy from fighting with Russian regular army troops.

On May 22, fighters of the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom Legion of Russia for the first time invaded the Russian Belgorod Oblast. Since then, these groups have repeatedly attacked Russian territory.

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