‘Bachelorette’ sends suitor packing with phrase that sends internet into a frenzy

Charity and Xavier before things went sour on 'The Bachelorette.'

Charity and Xavier before things went sour on ‘The Bachelorette.’

Narrowing down the field of suitors from three to two was easier than expected on The Bachelorette Monday, and in doing so, this season’s main star dropped a phrase that has quickly resonated with viewers.

Charity Lawson, a 27-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia — and also this season’s bachelorette — had narrowed the field of 25 men down to just three before heading out on a series of “overnight” dates on the islands of Fiji.

Up first was Xavier, a 27-year-old biomedical scientist from Carrboro, North Carolina. His daytime date consisted of a getaway on one of Fiji’s 333 islands — of the very small and private variety — that came complete with a performance by and a campfire sit-down with some of the country’s native people, with talks of wedding ceremonies being the main focal point.

But it was during the dinner portion of the date that things started to go south for the hopeful couple. Xavier, knowing that infidelity was a major concern and very triggering for Charity, wanted to come clean about his most recent serious relationship, in which he was unfaithful.

And in the series of questions following Xavier’s admission — which included the response, “I should have taken more time to think about that answer” — Charity was not satisfied with what he had done to learn from and better himself after those actions.

So, as a woman who came on this show ready for commitment, Charity had heard all she needed and pretty much abruptly decided to walk Xavier to the minivan for his Bachelorette exit. And it was the words she said in the confessional interview following the rejection that instantly took on a life of their own on the internet.

“I sent Xavier home last night because Xavier is not ready for a commitment to one person,” Lawson said. “I’m not here to fix anybody, I’m not here to build a man. Like, this isn’t build-a-man workshop. I have no choice but to move forward.”

And with that line, a reference to the popular Build-A-Bear stuffed animal company where you can customize your own plush toy, Lawson set the world of social media ablaze.

And while the world of Bachelorette fandom immediately started working on how and when to use such a potent comment in their very own love lives, Charity was quickly focused on the “two great people” that remain: a 30-year-old integrative medicine specialist named Dotun, and a 27-year-old tennis pro named Joey, who both managed to make it to the morning portion for their “overnight dates.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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