A’s Gelof gets quiet treatment after first career home run

A’s Gelof gets silent treatment after first career home run appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area

Track and field rookie Zack Gelof had a memorable night against the Houston Astros on Saturday.

And his teammates didn’t care… at first.

With Oakland leading the Astros 2-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, Gelof hit his first career home run off Houston pitcher Ryne Stanek.

As soon as the 23-year-old returned to the dugout, his teammates refused to recognize him. Gelof received the quiet treatment, a fun tradition teams partake in after a rookie hits his first career home run.

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After a few seconds, Gelof’s teammates all swarmed him and congratulated him on what could be the first of many long balls.

“Somebody went to give me a high five and then got yelled at or got a side eye,” Gelof told Brodie Brazil and Dave Stewart on “A’s Postgame Live.” “Everyone gave me the quiet treatment but ended up being praised. It was awesome, just a lot of fun.”

The A’s No. 3 prospect made his debut alongside fellow rookie Tyler Soderstrom on July 14. Soderstrom is yet to play in the big leagues, but rest assured when he does, Gelof and the rest of his teammates will give him the same treatment.

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