Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’d run for president in 2024 if eligible: ‘Absolutely’

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about higher political aspirations ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about higher political aspirations ahead of the 2024 presidential election. (Photo: AP Photo)

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger be President of the United States? THE terminator star, who was born and raised in Austria, believes he would “absolutely” win the 2024 election if eligible.

The Republican and former Governor of California appeared on Who talks to Chris Wallace on Max and CNN, where he confirmed he would throw his hat in the ring if it was an option.

“The Constitution says the president must be an American citizen by birth. If not, would you run for president?” Wallace asked.

“Well, yeah, sure. I mean, I think the field was wide open in 2016. And I think the field is wide open right now,” Schwarzenegger, 75, replied. “I mean, think about it right now. I mean, who’s there who’s really a person who can bring everyone together? Who’s there today for people to say OK, he’s not too old or he’s not too this or too that and all that kind of stuff, because now it’s about who do you vote against rather than who do you vote for.”

“You say you will run for president in 2024? Wallace followed.

“Absolutely,” confirmed Schwarzenegger. “It’s a given. I see so clearly how I could win this election.”

THE Fubar the star compared it to running for governor in 2003. (Schwarzenegger won a recall election and ultimately served until 2011.)

“It was clear that people were looking for a new answer, not a right or a left, but someone who could bring the nation together,” he continued. “There are so many things that need to be done and can be done. And what makes it so wonderful is because it’s doable. Everything is doable, or at least it’s just people coming together and say yes, we can do it.”

Schwarzenegger went on to say he was “not worried” about Donald Trump winning next year. Earlier this week, the former president pleaded not guilty to all federal charges stemming from a 37-count indictment as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into his handling of classified documents. and his alleged efforts to obstruct the investigation.

“If the charges are correct, then he’s going to be in big trouble,” Schwarzenegger explained. “But at the same time, I have to say, you know, we’re still innocent until proven guilty. So we’ll find out what the courts say in the future. But if the charges are true, I think then he’s going to be in big trouble.”

When Wallace asked why he didn’t think Trump would be re-elected, Schwarzenegger replied, “I just don’t think you’re getting re-elected with 30% or 33% of the people voting for you in your polls. I think that’s – those are great polls among conservatives. But I think if you put it all together, it’s not enough. You need swing voters. You need independents, you need everyone. world steps in to win. You have to drag a lot of people across that line. And so the question is, can he do that? I don’t think he can.

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