All Xfinity races will be broadcast on The CW starting in 2025

Xfinity driver Austin Hill celebrates a win in Pocono last weekend. (Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Xfinity driver Austin Hill celebrates a win in Pocono last weekend. (Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR’s Xfinity Series races will be broadcast exclusively and entirely on The CW Network starting in 2025 and running for seven years. The deal marks the first time in Xfinity Series history that all races and qualifying will be available free and on an over-the-air channel.

The move marks the latest sports acquisition for The CW, which in recent months has secured the rights, or taken advantage of the opportunity, to broadcast ACC football and basketball and LIV Golf, among other events. While CW affiliates’ commitment to these sports is variable — some have opted out of broadcasting LIV Golf coverage, for instance, in favor of reruns or other programming — the fact that the channel is making a concrete, long-term commitment gives the developmental series some measure of stability going forward. Sports Business Journal reported that The CW will pay in the range of $115 million per year for broadcast rights to 33 races.

In a release touting the agreement, NASCAR and CW officials trotted out the usual PR buzzwords: “fan engagement;” “value-added marketing solutions;” and of course, “win-win.” How much fans care about “value-added marketing solutions” is debatable, but what’s certain is this: Live sports are an irreplaceable and highly perishable commodity, and any broadcast deal that doesn’t require fans to purchase a new subscription is already starting with a one-lap lead.

Worth noting: NASCAR’s own in-house production group will produce the broadcasts, a departure from the usual procedure of permitting the network — Fox and NBC, in the case of the Cup Series — to handle production duties. How this will affect the editorial independence and perspective of the broadcast team is an open question.

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