Africa Week in pictures: June 2-8, 2023

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week:

Short gray presentation line

Short gray presentation line

Man cutting large boulders - June 03.

A rock cutter works in Kenya’s Kajiado North region on Saturday, earning between $2 (£1.60) and $5 an hour.

People look at the Great Mosque of Djenne - June 4.  It is a tall brown building that stands against the blue sky.

The next day in Mali there are onlookers at the Great Mosque of Djenné, which is re-plastered every year with mud…

A crowd of people on the move carrying buckets of mud - June 4th.  They have mud on their bodies.

The mosque is the largest mudbrick building in the world and known for its plasterwork and wooden scaffolding

Jill Biden at Al-Azhar Grand Mosque - June 2.

On Friday, the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, visits the picturesque al-Azhar Grand Mosque in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, and meets with the director of al-Azhar University, Mohamed al-Mahrasawy…

Jill Biden speaks to Moroccan students in a classroom.  Photo taken on June 4.

A few days later, on Sunday, she is in Morocco to talk to students studying robotics at a school in the historic city of Marrakech.

Lulama Taifasi sitting in a darkened theater thinking.  Photo taken on June 5.

South African singer Lulama Taifasi is pictured at the Baxter Theater in Cape Town on Monday during a workshop for opera singers.

A man posing in the street dressed in plastic waste - June 5.

The same day, this man appears in Côte d’Ivoire, while he dresses in plastic on the occasion of World Environment Day…

Man wearing plastic mask and dark suit - June 5th.

From plastic dresses to plastic masks, this person covers their head with what looks like a petrol canister in Cape Town, South Africa, during an Extinction Rebellion protest calling for an end to exploration petroleum.

Man trying to manage flying plastic waste.

Also on World Environment Day, there is plastic flying in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, as this man manages waste at a local recycling business.

Man wearing medieval clothes - a long black outfit with a white mask in the shape of a bird.  He stands in what looks like a garden - June 3.

There are masks of another type in South Africa’s main city of Johannesburg on Saturday as this person takes part in the Medieval Festival, where people wear clothes from that era.

Senegalese protesters holding signs outside next to tall palm trees.  A man speaks through a loudspeaker and the other men seem animated - June 7.

These demonstrators flare up in Malaga, Spain on Wednesday as they demonstrate against Senegalese President Macky Sall, after opposition politician Ousmane Sonko was found guilty of “youth corruption”, which he deny.

Protestors marching down the street, one carrying a sign that reads: Will more taxation lead to a low cost of living.

Kenya’s capital is also being hit by a protest on Tuesday as people take to the streets against government plans to raise taxes.

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