A journey from Jim Halpert to Jack Ryan

    (Photo: Everett Collection)

(Photo: Everett Collection)

John Krasinski accepts one final assignment as Jack Ryan in the fourth and final season of the Tom Clancy spy thriller series, which will debut with two new episodes on Friday, June 30, 2023. But at Jack Ryan The heroic lead actor wasn’t always the heartbroken, desperate savior of people like 1 p.m.: The Secret Soldiers of Bengazhi And A silent placein fact, he was just another adorable paper seller. Since leaving Dunder Mifflin, the lovable comedic actor has totally transformed into an action hero (with much better hair). To play the protective father in the Peaceful place franchise to literal superhero Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) in the MCU.

So how did Jim Halpert become Jack Ryan? Let’s summarize. We returned to John Krasinski’s greatest roles to trace his journey from goofball to gunslinger. Here’s a timeline of Krasinski’s career, and where to watch all of his greatest hits.

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John Krasinski’s Career Timeline: From Jim Halpert to Jack Ryan

Krasinski launched his career playing floppy-haired paper salesman Jim Halpert and got stuck moonlighting in a cycle of forgettable bit parts; stupid and unserious characters; or just plain old good guys for pretty much the duration of his time on Office. In his later years as Jim Halpert, Krasinski moved on to playing more complicated characters before diving headfirst into Action Hero mode with 13 hours. In the present day, Krasinski is spending time with Doctor Strange in the MCU and finishing his stint as Jack Ryan.

What’s next for John Krasinski? The multi-hyphenate seems to be moving away from his recent action hero antics, for now… Krasinski then returns to his comedy roots with the film Whether, in which he wrote, directed and starred alongside Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, Emily Blunt, Maya Rudolph, Sam Rockwell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and, wait for it: Steve Carell. The family film isn’t due out until 2024, so in the meantime, why not revisit some of its past performances?

Where to watch all John Krasinski shows and movies:

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