5 of the fastest growing companies in the bullish charts

Finding the fastest growing stocks to buy can be a chore, but the fastest growing companies screen in IBD MarketSmith identifies them quickly.


The stock screen finds 150 growth stocks with earnings growth of 10% or more over the past two quarters, sorted by five-year earnings growth rate.

These five growth stocks fit the bill and, predictably, hold top-notch IBD earnings per share ratings of 98 or 99.

Fastest growing companies with proven growth

IBD Stock 50 Datadog (DDOG) is in a handle cup base with a buy point of 103.80.

The cloud security provider has posted quarterly earnings growth of 17% and 30% over the past two quarters and holds a five-year EPS growth rate of 128%. Analysts expect EPS growth of 20% this year and 25% next year.

WillScot Mobile Mini (WSC) builds the right side of a cup base with a buy point of 53.46. Shares jumped 5.9% after better-than-expected earnings and sales on April 26.

The modular storage unit provider reported impressive EPS growth of 112% in the first quarter after a 64% increase in the fourth quarter. Its five-year earnings growth rate is 90%. Analysts predict earnings growth of 59% this year and 23% in 2024.

Flat Base Coke Bottle

Consolidated Coca-Cola (COKE), the nation’s largest coke bottler, is in a flat base with a buy point of 694.20.

The base started when the stock jumped 11.3% in volume after the company’s first quarter results on May 3.

Quarterly EPS rose 93%, following a 101% jump in the prior quarter. COKE has an 88% five-year profit growth rate.

Manufacturer of protective films and coatings XPEL (XPEL) sits within the 5% buy zone of a handle cup base with an entry of 75.32.

XPEL posted EPS gains of 46% and 36% over the last two quarters. The stock has an EPS growth rate of 60% over five years.

Lattice Semiconductor (LSCC) jumped more than 12% on Monday and Tuesday as chip stocks strengthened and Susquehanna reiterated a positive note with a price target of 100 on LSCC.

The shares are in a cup basis near an entry of 96.82. Lattice beat first-quarter earnings and sales with EPS growth of 38%, following a 53% gain in the fourth quarter. Lattice has a five-year EPS growth rate of 57%.

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