21-year-old got on riverboat with friends, then vanished, Tennessee cops say

A 21-year-old woman got on a riverboat in Tennessee, but when the boat returned to dock, she wasn’t on it, according to Memphis police.

A city watch has been issued for Tamia Taylor, who hasn’t been seen since the evening of Sept. 9, the Memphis Police Department said in a news release. Her mother told officials her daughter was planning on taking a riverboat cruise with friends at 10:30 p.m. Sept. 9.

Police received a call about a missing person and responded to the bank of the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis in the early morning of Sept. 10.

Her mother initially told police she didn’t think her daughter made it onto the boat because a friend told her she didn’t. An update from police, however, said she boarded the boat, police said.

“When the riverboat docked, the friends could not locate Tamia,” police said in the release.

A search is underway for the woman. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Memphis Police Department.

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