Myanmar burns $446m worth of seized drugs as illicit trade soars in Southeast Asia

BANGKOK (AP) — Myanmar authorities destroyed more than $446 million worth of illegal drugs seized across the country to mark an annual international day against drug trafficking on Monday, police said. The drug abuse came as UN experts warned of rising production of opium, heroin and methamphetamine in Myanmar, with exports threatening to expand markets … Read more

Thousands of North Koreans march in anti-US rallies as the country marks the anniversary of the Korean War

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Tens of thousands of North Koreans marched in anti-American rallies in the nation’s capital over the weekend, vowing “ruthless” revenge against “American imperialists,” as the country marked the 73rd anniversary of the start of the Korean War, state media said on Monday. More than 120,000 people took part in Sunday’s … Read more

Cocaine Market Booming as Methamphetamine Trafficking Spreads, Says UN Report

VIENNA (Reuters) – Demand and supply for cocaine is booming globally and trafficking in methamphetamine is expanding beyond established markets, including in Afghanistan where the drug is now produced, according to a report by the United Nations on Sunday. Coca bush cultivation and total cocaine production reached record levels in 2021, the most recent year … Read more

Moscow took a step back from the civil war with Wagner. But the danger is not over, warn the experts

Russia glimpsed the threat of an armed insurgency over the weekend, with Wagner Group mercenaries marching towards Moscow as President Vladimir Putin vowed revenge – all before a sudden deal appeared to defuse the crisis as quickly as it appeared. The immediate risk of bloodshed appears to have passed, but much remains uncertain; experts warn … Read more

China backs Russian ‘national stability’ as diplomats meet

(Bloomberg) – China has said it supports Russia’s actions to maintain national stability, a day after Moscow defused the biggest threat to President Vladimir Putin’s regime. Bloomberg’s Most Read The brief statement from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, who described the weekend’s events as “Russia’s internal affair”, came after Foreign Minister Qin Gang met in … Read more

Putin’s power ‘ebbs’ as Russian president disappears after Wagner rebellion

To receive free real-time news alerts straight to your inbox, sign up for our news emails Sign up for our free news emails An attempted mercenary uprising has exposed cracks in Vladimir Putin’s authority, according to the US secretary of state. Anthony Blinken said the revolt was a “direct challenge to Putin’s authority”. The Wagner … Read more