In post-presidency audio recording, Trump discusses classified documents

In an audio recording recently obtained by NBC News, Donald Trump appears to be discussing a sensitive military document and admits that he did not declassify it when he was president, according to a partial transcript included in his indictment by federal prosecutors this month. Trump claimed in media interviews after his indictment that he … Read more

Georgian election official Raffensperger will speak to investigators on January 6

By Joseph Ax (Reuters) – Georgia’s top election official, Brad Raffensperger, is set to answer questions on Wednesday from federal investigators examining former President Donald Trump’s efforts to nullify the 2020 presidential election, a spokesman for the office said. by Raffensperger. Raffensperger, Republican Secretary of State for Georgia, will likely be asked about a phone … Read more

What we know about Trump’s recording

An audio recording referenced in Donald Trump’s federal indictment showed the former president discussing a document on Iran that he called “highly confidential” and admitted he could not declassify because that he had left office. “This is secret information,” Trump said in the audio clip. “You see, as president, I could have declassified it,” Trump … Read more

‘I don’t know’ if Trump is the strongest candidate to beat Biden in 2024

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-California, on Tuesday expressed doubts that former President Donald Trump is the best GOP candidate to defeat President Joe Biden and win back the White House the year next. In an interview on CNBC, McCarthy first said the former president could beat Biden in November 2024. “Yeah, he can … Read more

Georgia governor attacks Biden’s electric vehicle policy at federally backed battery plant

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is stepping up his attack on President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle policy, speaking on Tuesday at the grand opening of a company that has received more than $100 million for refine the graphite for the electric batteries of the infrastructure law signed by Biden. “Georgia’s electric mobility boom … Read more

US Supreme Court rejects attempt to give lawmakers unchecked power over elections

By Andrew Chung (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to give state-level politicians more power over federal elections by limiting the ability of state courts to review their actions, inflicting a defeat on Republican lawmakers in Carolina North. The 6-3 ruling, written by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, upheld a 2022 North … Read more