GM dropping Apple CarPlay worries dealers

A big gamble by General Motors (GM) is causing consternation among its dealers in the all-important race to sell cars, namely electric vehicles. As the auto industry prepares for its big electric transition, GM’s decision to phase out smartphone-like software like Apple CarPlay in its future electric vehicles has some dealerships puzzled. That’s because drivers … Read more

Boeing stock is up. Deliveries are solid, but the order book matters more.

Text size Aerospace giant Boeing reported strong aircraft deliveries in the second quarter. A higher number of orders means that the order book has increased, which is good for sales and profits. Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg Boeing delivered more jets than expected in the second quarter and shares rise in Tuesday trading. Deliveries aren’t the main reason … Read more

Nasdaq 100 rebalancing was great news for Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation

Text size Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation is on course for its highest close since August 2022. Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg At Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF increased after the announcement of the Nasdaq 100 will rebalance the weightings of its constituents. On July 7, the Nasdaq announced that the Nasdaq 100 the index will undergo a ‚Äúspecial … Read more

Warren Buffett bets on LNG, despite low gas prices, with this $3 billion deal Separator Site title Separator Site title

Warren Buffett added to his bet on liquefied natural gas on Monday evening, with Berkshire Hathaway (BKRA) agreeing to buy Dominion Energy(D) Maryland-based Cove Point LNG export plant in a $3.3 billion deal. X Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Energy announced on Monday that it is buying Dominion Energy’s 50% stake in the Cove Point LNG terminal. … Read more

Dow Jones futures rise as CPI inflation data looms; 8 Best Stocks to Buy and Watch

Dow Jones futures rose slightly Tuesday morning as second-quarter earnings begin to trickle in and Wall Street awaits Wednesday’s release of the consumer price index, or CPI. The best stocks to buy and watch include tech titans Metaplatforms (META) and Nvidia (NVDA). X Early Wednesday, Wall Street expects monthly increases of 0.3% in headline and … Read more