Punk rock was ‘a kick in the ass’

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in New York, May 1978. (Photo: Michael Putland/Getty Images) Aside from a few unprintable lyrics that admittedly haven’t aged so well, few Rolling Stones albums have held up like the band’s genre-hopping masterpiece that defies expectations, Certain girls. (Seriously, is there anything as deliciously and decadently … Read more

Bryan Cranston Plans To Retire From Acting In 2026 To Spend Time With Wife: ‘She Deserves It’

After performing on stage and screen for more than 40 years, Bryan Cranston is ready to take on a whole new role: full-time husband. The actor, who stars in Wes Anderson’s upcoming film city ​​of asteroidssaid British GQ that in 2026 he plans to temporarily retire from acting and his business ventures so that he … Read more

Spicy Cheeto Lover Eva Longoria Explains How She Ended Up Directing One Of The Year’s Most Unlikely Biopics

Eva Longoria directs Jesse Garcia in “Flamin’ Hot”. (Photo: Getty Images/Everett Collection) When it comes to their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos credibility, Eva Longoria and Jesse Garcia couldn’t be more different. “I grew up with them [so much] that the first time I had a regular Cheeto, I thought something was wrong with the bag,” says … Read more

Danny Masterson sera condamné pour viol en août ; L’acteur incarcéré risque 30 ans de prison – Mise à jour

MISE À JOUR, 10h15 : Encourant jusqu’à 30 ans de prison pour avoir été reconnu coupable le mois dernier de deux chefs de viol, Danny Masterson sera condamné le 4 août. Une semaine après qu’un jury de Los Angeles a rendu son verdict partiel, la juge Charlaine Olemdo a annoncé aujourd’hui la date de la condamnation … Read more

A “Titanic” megafan has 1,560 copies on VHS. He won’t stop until he gets 1 million

Within 30 seconds of meeting JD, better known as titanicfan97 on TikTok, he’ll introduce you to Jack Dawson, that is, a large mannequin with the head of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character of the same name from the blockbuster. Titanic” from 1997. “We have Jack Dawson,” he says on Zoom, pointing to a huge shrine to the … Read more